From the Superintendent

I remember sitting in Mrs. Perkins’ eighth grade class many years ago, and feeling a call to become a teacher. It is a most noble profession. Outside of being a parent or grandparent, there is no occupation that has a greater impact on youth…and our youth are the hope of our future.
This is my 60th year in education if you count my time from kindergarten on. Forty-two of those have been as a teacher and administrator. I have seen many changes and challenges during that time. Yet, the theme has remained the same: to create in each student the ability to become a productive citizen in our community and to instill in them a lifelong desire to learn.
I indeed feel fortunate to be the superintendent of the Kansas Community Unit School District #3. There is a spirit of unity here. I have met many community-minded individuals who work very hard to make this area a great place to raise children.
I so enjoy being a part of this community. May God grant us a unity of purpose as we endeavor to do the best for our children.
John Hasten

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